Bernard Grancher‎ Cocktail Monotone LP


Three years after his first LP "Monsieur Délicieux" (2013), Bernard Grancher comes back with a new bombshell : "Cocktail Monotone", produced by Yan Hart-Lemonnier (from neirdo French label Ego Twister).

Is it a commercial suicide or an album without any concession ? You might guess. So far, thart's the most radical LP ever signed on Gonzaï Records.

With a gun instead of a mic, Bernard Grancher has enough madness to contaminate all the french pop.

Probably the nuclear single Cocktail Monotone won't be heard on radio station but it has the virtue to be an alternative solution for those who love psychiatric tunes.

Is it DAF singing by Stupeflip or Plastic Bertrand soaked in acid? All along "Cocktail Monotone", we are attending the psychotherapy of a crazy musician who exchanges his straitjacket for chemical drum machine.

« This record is an homage to my childhood. When we had 3 and 4 year old, my brother and I were kept by a nanny whose making one of her adopted child's life miserable.

She was beaten, she was dragged on piss and shit and she shouted vociferously which was absolutely abominable.

This record is quite about that: animals, confinement and the misery of this girl."Far from just being a 8-bits freudian catharsis, "Cocktail Monotone" is also an invitation to enter the crazy brain of a schizophrenic musician.

From a robotic talk-over of a dada-feminist (La Femme) to some long instrumental tracks to breath (Abécédaire) and a hymn to all children of divorced parents (La famille idéale), this second LP is obviously the one of immaturity.

"The album's title? It came from a word game made by my child when he was 3, while he was barely able to speak; I thought it was amazing, so I keep it." Unlike you,Bernard Grancher won't become an adult.

And, this record should blow up your mind.









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